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Brand Ambassador's December Update

Coral Herbert
I hope that everyone has had a lovely Christmas and wishing you all a happy new year! I’m extremely excited and thankful that my sponsorship with British Horse Feeds will continue during 2018 and that I get to enjoy sharing my journey by writing more blogs.

Christmas for us has been pretty quiet. The riding school ponies have appreciated a relaxing week off and are ready to go back to work again tomorrow – I dare say they will all be feeling slightly fresh. We finished up the year with our pony clubbers, by holding a Christmas Gymkhana followed by a “Pave Rave!” There was a fun and competitive atmosphere in the gymkhana with a mixed bunch on pony clubbers, age ranging from 4 – 17. The ponies loved it too! We set up a huge marquee on the paving outside of the stables and as the sun then set we continued our fun with a disco and nibbles - partying with the ponies. None of the horses were at all phased by the flashing disco lights, loud music and dancing pony clubbers.

I was fortunate enough to receive an ultra-smart new ‘jump for joy’ portable cross-country fence for my joint Christmas/Birthday present this year. I’ve taken advantage of my week off teaching and spent the time practicing over my new jump with the eventers. I can build it in several different ways, so it’s really versatile – below is a photo of Robbie jumping it set up as a corner fence!

Looking on to 2018 we aim to continue to improve upon renovations on the yard. Following and putting into action the many, many plans we have for the place! I’m now starting to plan my eventing season for the year ahead too, hoping to tick more of my goals off the list. A CCI will be my biggest aim. It’s always fun setting targets for each individual horse, both long and short term, and no matter how big or small!

Best wishes,
Coral x

Jennie Daniels
Like a lot of people, snow and ice has caused a few events to be cancelled for us this year. I did manage to get a few photos of Tilly in the snow though.


This shows why we can’t ride in the snow with Tilly wearing shoes on her front feet. Poor Tilly keeps walking around on 3 and 4 inch snow and ice stilts. Wish she would stand in her shelter with her haynet.

We did manage to get out to one event, and that was un-affiliated dressage at a local riding school. We took the opportunity to enter 3 classes, a Prix Caprilli, Prelim and a Novice. Delighted to say that we came 1st in the Prix Caprilli and the Prelim and managed a 2nd in the Novice. It was a bitterly cold, and occasionally wet day, so left my photographer (teenage son) at home in the warm, so the picture below is Tilly tucking into her Fibre-Beet once she got home. A well-deserved meal, especially as the 4x4 broke down on the way home. Tilly was a very good girl though, as she just stood on the trailer munching her haynet while we waited for a friend to help get us home.

One of the events we were due to go to, was Fancy Dress Arena Eventing. Instead we had a little play at home in our outfit on the very edge of our arena that was pretty clear of snow. Hopefully they are letting us wear the outfit to the event in January instead.

Hannah Bown
After a hectic November we decided that December was a time for us all to chill out, have fun and take the pressure off. At the start of December we had a fantastic lesson with Sara-Jane Lanning, as well as looking at all the medium work we had been practicing we moved on to looking at flying changes again and worked on exercises that eventually will lead towards canter pirouettes. He felt fantastic and it’s so exciting and rewarding to know that all the work that has got him to this stage is our own.

We decided that the rest of the month would be spent keeping him enjoying his work and doing a variety of different things so that he stayed sweet and happy before the regionals. I did some baby gymnastic jumping with him which he loved - his rider not so much! So when my sister was home over the Christmas period she took control of the reins and did some 'proper' jumping with him; it started off a little hair raising when I brought out the fillers but he soon got the hang of it and he makes a lovely shape over a fence when he gets going!

For Christmas he was spoilt and got a new Dobert bridle which we brought from Sara Morrison at ProSaddles, who has also been a hero, and after much searching eventually found us a new saddle that fits us both well. Not an easy task! It is like driving a Ferrari now after being stuck with a 'go kart' - we love it.  

So after a fun December the New Year arrived and we told Stanley that it was time to put his bling back on and focus on regional preparation. He clearly had other ideas and came in from the field with a big, fat leg! Rest and ice and it seems to be getting better so hopefully just strained in the hideous amounts of mud that has suddenly appeared.

I can't thank you enough for all the support and good wishes we have received in 2017 - a testing year, but one I am extremely happy to come out of with a mostly happy healthy horse! Wishing you all a happy and successful 2018.

Hannah & Stanley

Sarah Bosomworth
Hi Everyone

Hope you have all had a good start to 2018! It's been pretty wet at Qd horses, but it hasn't stopped us competing the horses. We had Qd Esquire (Morris) out for his first show at Northallerton to music, we used our Lemon tree music to win The elementary Gold section with over 73%. We also got a late entry for the Medium music and won with 69%. He was so good and felt fantastic, and looked so fit and in such great shape.

Also had my sisters coloured horse out at Bishop Burton College to practice for his regional championship in February, he won a big class with almost 74%. He went lovely and could not ask for more from him.

Currently training them all up for the regionals, we have four horses qualified, six classes, and also later in February we will go watch our new horse in Holland, and hopefully get some practice in for my shows over in Holland this year.

My advanced horse Pikkert has been training hard, we took him to Ledston Equine Clinic to use their huge arena so we could practice my floor plans and tests. We also worked some piaffe and passage!! But still green, so not ready for the Grand Prix yet... ha ha ha.

This month is pretty much training and teaching, got some good results coming in from my clients I teach, which is always rewarding.

Next month, I hope to share my regional stories along with my Dutch trip.

Love Sarah & Qd horses