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Billy's Blog October

Top of the morning to you all and by jingo it's a bit nippy today. Mind you I have been clipped again and have a super, snuggly warm rug so it’s just the poor old humans shivering in this yard! The Old Girl's ancient patchwork puffa has seen the light of day again and the Young Master keeps muttering about needing a jacket with sleeves.

October seems to have flown past and what a month it has been. The dynamic duo, Wannabe and Pocket Rocket, went to Askham Bryan Horse Trials leaving me at home (I was not impressed). I pretended to be completely dis-interested when they came back but overheard them telling the Legend about their day. Pocket Rocket had improved her dressage mark by seven points (let’s be honest there was plenty of scope for improvement) and then jumped a double clear. Wannabe had done a very tidy test, an unfortunate pole and clear XC to bring home an 8th placed rosette. I congratulated him as with 40 plus in the class I had to concede he had done pretty well. Must be all that fibre beet he scoffs.

Later that week we had a visit from the dentist - no fillings for me and then a lovely physio treatment from Karina Hawkridge. I had the equi-massager on which made me feel a million dollars afterwards. Wannabe had the same treatment, so we were fighting fit for Norton Disney Horse trials at the end of the month. In between I popped off to Bishop Burton for a quick show jumping round coming 5th in the Discovery and we all had some dressage practice.

Hurricane Brian blew in at Norton Disney which brought with it a huge contingent of Leprechauns! They mostly planted themselves round the dressage arena and hurled abuse at me throughout my test. Very off putting for sure. Thankfully they seemed to have blown away in the show jumping and the Young Master and I popped round for a lovely clear. The cross-country was very inviting, and I didn't hang about. We took all the direct routes and came home clear. It was great to finish the season with a BE100 double clear. Wannabe found the dressage a bit of a challenge as the wind had really picked up, likewise in the show jumping and he rolled a couple of poles. Naturally he blamed the Young Master, telling me he had cut the corner to an oxer. "Bend your knees Boy" I told him. Can't have anyone dissing my lad now can I? The pair made up for it flying round the 90-track clear, a little bit too quick though. We were glad to get home that night I can tell you with the wind buffering our trusty lorry, Betsy.

Pocket Rocket and I have both been to some pony club rallies with the York & Ainsty South and have some arena eventing lined up for next month. However, we had a rather disconcerting experience on Saturday October 28, 2017, when literally dozens of leprechauns turned up at our yard! Can you believe my disbelief when one came into my stable with a carrot... surely this was some sort of joke in the worst possible taste? Then to add insult to injury the yard was filled with teeny boppers’ music (I am a Queen fan myself we are the champions being my theme tune) "Mother Mary of Jesus" I said to Wannabe they're having a disco! It sounded good fun actually.

So, in the barn next door, ghouls, goblins, witches and wizards danced the night away after they had had a presentation of awards for the year. The Legend unbelievably won a prize for being the Best Pony Patrol Pony. There is no end to his talents. But I reminded them all it's me with the blog!
So, everyone keep eating the Fibre-Beet as it's full of goodness, keeps you hydrated and provides plenty of slow release energy.

Bye for now!

Billy Bank